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The Aliveness Series

In this Series we explore 4 vital components of our Aliveness in the world.

  • Aliveness in my Body

  • Aliveness in my Expression (Coming Soon)

  • Aliveness in my Connection (Coming Soon)

  • Aliveness in my Spiritual Essence (Coming Soon)

Join me NOW

ALIVENESS is not a solitary occupation. To be truly alive is to know our place in the grand breathing consciousness of LIFE. And once we open to the greater ‘ALL THAT IS’ we are deeply embedded in, we can never be alone again. All that I am is all that you are. We ARE. We are the Universe. And I am grateful to be here with you.

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Are you Struggling?

  • Do you wake feeling exhausted each morning ? 
  • Does fear freeze you into inaction?
  • Is your head heavy with the congestion of spinning thoughts? 
  • Are you terrified you are NOT enough
  • And certain you are far TOO much? 
  • Do  you accomplish very little in your day? 
  • Are you overwhelmed? 
  • Does despair whisper 'nothing will ever change'? 
  • Does your heart long for safety, connection, freedom, life? 

I believe in You

Change is possible. You are not alone. Your Aliveness is ready for you.

Whatever has gone before, today is a new beginning. Each dawn brings a new day of possibilities and new choices to make. Today you have what you need to make a small (or large) step in the direction of enlivening your body and listening to your inner guidance. My deepest desire is for you to engage with your own inner aliveness & experience more of who you are.

Are you willing to step into...

... Clear INTENTION FOR GROWTH and openness to the new.

... A STRONG SENSE OF SELF, including the willingness to not follow my invitations to action, if they are not right for you now. Be who YOU ARE in this experience.

... UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for yourself, which is gentle and accepting of all the facets of yourself you meet on the journey.  

... Commitment to listen for and FOLLOW YOUR OWN INTUITION, regarding what is helpful for you and how to modify and create what you need from this process. 

... COMMITMENT TO MOVING YOUR BODY. Aliveness thrives on flexible, dynamic movement. Moving your body will help you find your entry points into a stronger connection to your aliveness. 

... WILLINGNESS TO PLAY.  This is not to be hard work.  Find the ease of playfully expressing you, naturally and fully. 

... SURRENDERED LETTING GO of all which holds you back and traps you in false expressions of yourself. 

Step up for yourself.  

Take action. 



Therapist, Supervisor & Educator

Esther Diplock

Growth and change are valued constants in my life. They accompany me as close life companions who I am privileged to travel with and also to facilitate in both my therapy room and my trainings. As an educator, it is my pleasure to support others in their own journeys of growth and change. I have been a therapist since 2003 and have lectured in tertiary institutions since 2000. As a team, my husband, William and I run our company Resonance Together. We are facilitators and trainers for Gender Equity & Reconciliation International (GERI) and co-ordinators of the work in Australia. I love life, enjoy our dog Wallace, walk often and thrive on deep conversation. May you thrive in the space I open here for you and for your growth.